“For several months I have used this produce because it is effective, dependable, natural and nontoxic. I have also recommended it to many of my patients. The product does what you expect it to do, gently, dependably and unlike some other products, naturally.”

–Amos L. Lash, MD

“I visited doctors for constipation for years. They would recommend the various drug store products, such as fiber and laxatives but it did not help. Luckily, my sister told be about Fruit Lax. Well, after my first use, I noticed a significant difference. After a few days, I experienced more improvement than any of the doctor-recommended products I had tried. Plus I started to have more energy and felt better overall, probably from the 100% natural ingredients.  I am now 45 years old and have been experiencing the benefits for Fruit Lax for 12 years. This product has worked miracles for me and I would recommend it to anyone who desires regularity.”

–Tonia S.